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March, 2011
Jabez Technologies Releases Robotmaster V5

Jabez Technologies introduces Robotmaster V5. Expanding on powerful optimizing tools Robotmaster V5 sets a new standard for programming robots with the same ease and functionality as CNC Milling Machines. Robotmaster® seamlessly integrates robot programming, simulation and program generation inside Mastercam®'s industry proven CAD/CAM platform.

Common robot programming challenges typically require intricate user intervention or costly manual editing for producing error free programs. Robotmaster V5 provides innovative new tools to effortlessly optimize robot programs producing error-free robot paths avoiding singularity zones and robot/tool/workpiece collisions, working around joint and reach limitations and optimizing tool orientations along the entire trajectory.

Robotmaster users get the cost-efficiency and flexibility of robots and the ease of programming with CAD/CAM tools typical of CNC Manufacturing. Optimized trajectory programming is generated directly from CAD/CAM data in a single fully-integrated software solution, all off-line and without teaching points.

Robotmaster is ideally suited to program robots for such tasks as trimming, 3D machining, de-burring, polishing, dispensing, grinding and painting, and supports most industrial robot models.


August, 2009
Robotmaster X4 Released
Jabez Technologies launches Robotmaster Version X4 that contains several major features including path optimization, speed enhancements and support for multiple rails and rotaries. Robot programs are easily optimized graphically. Once again this new version has set a new standard for programming robots with the same ease and functionnality as CNC Milling Machines.


July, 2009
Robotmaster European Resellers Conference
The first ever Robotmaster European Resellers Conference was held in Barcelona (Spain) from July 1 to 3 2009. A total of 33 attendees participated, representing Robotmaster resellers from 11 countries throughout Europe. The focus of the first day was sales and market development while the remaining two days were dedicated to technical training. We would like to thank Anbu Lingappan of Intercam SA (our European Distributor) for organizing this event which was an outstanding success as well as all attendees for their dedication.


June, 2009
International Robots and Vision Show 2009
Robotmaster software was displayed at the International Robots and Vision Show 2009, in Rosemount Illinois, which is the only dedicated Robotic trade show in North America. This show was the perfect venue to demonstrate, for the first time in public, our new robot programming optimization technology. Feedback from robot manufacturers, systems integrators and end user clearly indicated the overwhelming positive reaction to technology that will facilitate and speed up robot programming. We would like to thank In House Solutions (our North American Distributor) as well as our reseller in Illinois, Shopware Incorporated for their dedication, enthusiasm and effort.


April, 2009
Martin Morin joins Jabez Technologies
Mr. Martin Morin has joined Jabez Technologies in the role of Applications Engineer. Having recently finished his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in Automated manufacturing) from Ecole de Technologies Superieure, Mr. Morin will be providing technical assistance and training to our distributors, resellers and end users.


March, 2009
Robotmaster exhibits are a success in Barcelona and Lyon
Robotmaster software was displayed at trade shows in Barcelona and Lyon. Anbu Lingappan of Intercam SA (our European distributor) summarized the excitement created by Robotmaster at these shows as follows: "Robotmaster is a promising new technology that is just beginning to turn heads in the machining world with a lot of potential and room for growth! We are seeing and will see more robots being used for machining over the coming years. Fortunately we are the leaders in this market with Robotmaster - a real CAD/CAM solution for machining with robots!" We would like to thank Intercam SA as well as the country dealers in France and Spain, 3IDM and Tecnocim, for their dedication, enthusiasm and effort.


February, 2009
Intercam SA appointed as Robotmaster distributor for Europe
Intercam SA has been appointed as the European distributor of Robotmaster. Intercam SA will be working with CAD/CAM software resellers, robot integrators and robot manufacturers to establish a network of Robotmaster resellers.


January, 2009
Robotmaster supports Staubi HSM170 milling robot
Robotmaster has added support for the first ever dedicated milling robot with a fully integrated milling spindle; the 5axis Staubli HSM170 robot. Our application engineers have tested Robotmaster, on-site at Staubli headquarters in France, with the HSM170 robot. Robotmaster can fully support these new robots and provide a powerful tool similar to CAD/CAM software used to program CNC machine tools .


December, 2008
Robotmaster supports offset wrist robots
Robotmaster has expanded support for all offset wrist robots. Initial testing was performed on Motoman offset wrist robots using Motosim. With this expansion in functionnality Robotmaster now supports a wider spectrum of robot architectures.


November, 2008
Robotmaster version 3.1.1201
Jabez Technologies launches Robotmaster Version 3.1.1201 that contains several major features including support for rails, rotary tables and part-to-tool setups. Robot programming is easier with a completely re-designed 3D interface for setting robot wrist postures.


September, 2008
Robotmaster unveiling was a success at IMTS
Robotmaster for X3 was unveiled at IMTS 2008 at the Mastercam booth. This new version will include the ability to easily program linear rails, rotary tables and part-to-tool setups. The response from potential customers, robot manufacturers and robot integrators was unanimously positive. We would like to thank CNC Software for inviting us to their exhibit booth.


August, 2008
Strategic Vision Partnership with Orus Integration
Jabez Technologies has signed a strategic partnership with Orus Integration to provide vision based path calibration. This new technology will allow a user to program a theoretical CAD model and a vision based system will compensate theoretical paths to the real part being manufactured. All robot cells being manufactured by Orus Integration will be able to benefit from this new technology.


July, 2008
Carnegie Mellon Chooses Robotmaster
The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University has chosen to equip their teaching lab with Robotmaster which will be used to instruct on CAD/CAM based robot programming. The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is a leading research and educational institute in robotics technologies relevant to industrial and societal tasks.


March, 2008
New web site
We are excited to announce the launch of our new web site. The new site design offers more information about our products, application videos and explains the specific advantages of using Robotmaster for CAD/CAM programming of robots.


February, 2008
Harvard Graduate School of Design chooses Robotmaster
Harvard Graduate School of Design has chosen to use Robotmaster for programming their newly acquired ABB robot. Wes Mcgee, CAD/CAM Coordinator at Harvard, has testified that “The program is very good so far. In one day I have gotten farther than in 2 weeks using a competing product.”


January, 2008
Waseem Khan joins Jabez Technologies
Dr. Waseem Khan has joined the research team at Jabez Technologies. Having recently finished his Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering (specializing in Robotics and Intelligent Machines) from McGill University, Dr. Khan will be joining our robot kinematics research group.


December, 2007
Liguo Huo joins Jabez Technologies
Mr. Liguo Huo has joined the research team at Jabez Technologies as a permanent team member after having worked with us as a research contractor for the past three years as part of his Doctorate program. Mr. Huo is close to completing his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and his area of specialty is optimization of robot trajectories.


November, 2007
Robotmaster version 2.1 .1102
Jabez Technologies launches Robotmaster Version 2.1 .1102 that contains 6 new major features and over 20 enhancements over the previous version. Robot programming is easier because of new and powerful tools that provide automated and precise tool control.


October, 2007
Richard Alexandre joins Jabez Technologies
Mr. Richard Alexandre has joined Jabez Technologies in the role of Applications Engineer. Mr. Alexandre will be providing technical and sales assistance to our distributors, resellers and end users. His many years of experience in the CAD/CAM industry coupled with his experience as a teacher will be a great asset in supporting our network of partners and end-users.


August, 2007
Robotmaster supports new Maka robotic milling cells
Jabez Technologies has been collaborating with Maka CNC Special Machines to offer turn-key support for their robotic milling machines. Maka is a manufacturer of specialized 5-axis milling machines and has recently been innovating by offering robotic milling cells to complement their existing line of CNC manufacturing machines. On-site testing in Ulm Germany confirmed that Robotmaster fully supports programming, simulation and code generation of all Maka robotic milling equipment.


March, 2007
Robotmaster supports KMT Robotic Trimming Systems
Jabez Technologies has been working with KMT Robotic Solutions to provide customized support for KMT Trimming Systems inside Robotmaster. KMT Robotic Solutions, formerly known as RPT (Robotic Production Technology), is a leader in robotic trimming technologies. Working with technical staff at KMT and performing on-site and remote testing, specific features have been developed in Robotmaster to provide turn-key support for KMT Robotic Trimming Systems